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Retirement & Investments
How is your investments doing?

 1 Year Non-Redeemable Guaranteed Interest*

from 4.30 % to 4.80 % 

2 Year Non-Redeemable Guaranteed Interest*

from 4.15 % to 4.65 % 


1 Year Redeemable Guaranteed Interest Account*

from 3.80 % to 4.30 %

*As of February 13, 2024 Assumption Life Investments
Your financial security is my priority!  I understand that you have worked hard for your money. That’s why I work hard for you. Your financial security is important, and it's about more than just money, it’s about peace of mind, for today and tomorrow.
As an Advisor with VFG Financial Group, We don't have to wait for any special time to talk to you about RRSPs, TFSA, Non-Registered Investment, or Investment Loans.
If your current investment is not providing you with the following Guarantees, let’s have a talk.
Maturity Guarantee
Capital guaranteed in case of death: 100% of contribution made up to age 75
Creditor Protection
Probate - Exemption or Exclusion
Reset Options
Contributions covered by Assuris
With segregated funds you can take advantage of the features and benefit from the proven track record and world-class investment management of some of Canada’s top money managers.
How well you retire really depends on how well you plan.

Lets continue the conversation by calling me John Rego for a personal 

one on one  appointment 

@ 416-821-8050

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