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...and take control o​f your Mortgage Insurance payments and pay your mortgage off sooner than later.

If you have a mortgage with the bank than you probably have mortgage Insurance with them as well. If so, you are throwing away thousands of $$$$ out the window.

When your mortgage renewal comes up, wouldn't it be great to pay down 10 % or more.


I will save you up to 50%  on your monthly mortgage insurance payments by switching, 
and you can pay off your mortgage sooner with the savings.
Let me  design a plan to assist you in reducing your mortgage debt on renewal of your current mortgage. 
You can apply at anytime without any penalties or fees. You don't have to wait for renewal time of your mortgage to start saving

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More Reasons to Switch....

More Flexibility: Unlike regular life insurance, where beneficiaries may use insurance payouts as they see fit, most mortgage protection insurers send benefit payments directly to the bank or lenders, so your beneficiaries never see any money.

Lower Premiums: If you’re a healthy individual who has never smoked tobacco, The bank or lender coverage is usually costlier than regular life insurance and underwriting is usually at time of death or claim.

Guaranteed Premiums: Term policies, which charge fixed premiums for up-to 30 years, with no surprise premium increases, premiums with the bank or lender policies might only be fixed for the first 5 years, after which time they could increase on your 5 year renewal depending on age and mortgage amount owing.



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Control your Mortgage Insurance Payments.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. However, insuring your mortgage in case of death doesn’t have to be a large monthly payment. 

With help from me, you will be able to reduce your mortgage insurance premium up to 50%. See how our plans compare to your current coverage with your bank or lender.

You will be surprised on what you can control and what you can't. All the more reasons to change.

Also keep in mind that the included disability rider that is included with banks mortgage protection insurance will only cover you, if you BECOME TOTAL DISABLED IN ANY OCCUPATION. Meaning that if you can not work in any  occupation the bank insurance coverage will cover your mortgage monthly payment for 2 years only. 

We can design a detailed disability injury / illness coverage plan to meet your occupation 24 hours per day 7 days per week with guaranteed injury coverage that will pay you up to age 65 if you become total disabled in any occupation. 

Mortgage Life insurance  Vs.  Bank or Lender coverage

You Decide....

Personal Mortgage Life Insurance

☑ Guaranteed level premiums* 

☑ Guaranteed Level death benefits 

☑ You assign your beneficiary 

 Underwriting at time of application 

☑ You pick the death benefit amount 

    If you Change Bank or Lender

☑ No need to reapply for coverage 

☑ Convert to permanent plan 

* from 10 -30 years

BEST- Value for You and your Family.

Did you know....


..that by purchasing a Participating Life Insurance Plan you can pay off your mortgage soon than later? 


Here's how.. by trading in your current "Term" or replacing your current lenders mortgage Insurance protection plan, I will help you apply for a Participating Life Insurance policy so you can build wealth within that policy over time so you can eliminate years off your mortgage?


You can save years and interest over the term of your mortgage, putting more money back to where it belongs in your pocket or into your retirement. 


   Bank or Lender Mortgage Credit Protection

Premium not guaranteed, renews every 5 years

Benefits drop when you make a mortgage payment

Bank or lender is the beneficiary upon death

Underwritten at time of death

Only mortgage amount owing to the bank or lender

If you Change Bank or Lender

You must reapply and answer health questionnaire

Convert to permanent plan - Not available

Better for the bank / Lender.

          Source Toronto Star

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