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Why do business with me?


 As a insurance & Investment Consultant, I will personally keep you informed with any and up to date information within the industry along with client / advisor  confidentiality agreement.


I will perform and guarantee to shop the 20 top insurance companies in Canada  to achieve the very best solutions for you and your family to  secure your financial futures.


My 7-Step Process and Commitment:

  • I will Analyze your status and complete a VFG Financial Needs Analysis 

  • I will Identify your needs, goals and objectives

  • I will Educate you on how money works

  • I will Make a suitable recommendation based on your needs

  • I will Implement a mutually agreeable solution

  • I will Provide you with continuous management and learning for long-term

  • I will Complete an application with you and submit to the insurance company for underwriting and approval


Please fill out the form below so I can in confidence discuss with you your concerns and needs.


John Rego


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