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Can You Live without Income?

If you can't earn money, nothing else matters.

 Ask yourself....  What can I do? 

1. Nothing, 2. Hope for the best, 3. Insure your income?

People insure their homes, cars, and other valuables, 

So why not your Income?


Disability (loss of Income) Insurance

Protect your income in minutes.

Whether you are a full-time worker, part-time worker, business owner, father or mother on leave, unemployed (YES even "unemployed"you read that right),

student or retired, it’s easy to purchase Income Insurance to protect your personal finances.

Accidents can happen anytime at work, at home, basically at anytime of the day. Are you financially prepared for what might happen if that happens to you?

Imagine that you have a machine that prints money, would you insure that machine in case it breaks down? 

Well YOU are that machine.... so why aren't you insured if you break down? 

Our Injury plans will protect you with 24-hour coverage on or off the job. These plan are great for self-employed or contract individuals who have no "loss of income coverage". 

With guaranteed approval, and without medical requirements, we offer disability insurance plans for those who lose their ability to earn income due to injury. 

Protect your Income today, for the unforeseen future ahead.

Did you know that if

you had to stop earning an

annual salary of $50,000 at

age 40 because of an accident or

sickness, you would lose more

than $1,800,000*.

With the Income Insurance you will receive a

monthly benefit if you become totally or partially

disabled as a result of an accident or sickness.

Income up to the age of 65 (+3.1% per year)

A monthly benefit of

up to $6,000 if you are totally or

partially disabled.

Choice of benefit period:

for 2 years, 5 years or

up to 65 years.

Choice of period before

you receive your benefits:

14, 30, 90 or 120 days.

Premiums guaranteed

for the first 5 years of

the contract.

Up to $1,000 per month for

seasonal and part-time workers, unemployed,

students and retirees.

Income Insurance - Accident and Sickness

20-Year Premium Refund Benefit

(50%, 75% or 100% at

the insured’s choice).

 Coverage Guaranteed* for Issue ages 18 - 64 

with Coverage to age 75 or age 100

Benefits are usually a percentage of your income. With the Injury plans, you can have benefits based on your Gross Business Revenue or Net Earned Income, depending on how you get paid.

Sometimes a disability affects your ability to work part of the time. That's when Partial Disability can help by paying 50% of the benefit amount for up to 180 days.

While you are disabled and benefits are being paid, you are not required to pay premiums and your coverage will continue.

* some conditions apply

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