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Financial Tips

This Financial Tips page is dedicated to individuals who are looking for "FREE" educational financial tips to either help them save for retirement, reduce their mortgage quicker, investing for their children's education and other ideas to assist them save money and hopefully build a better life for them and their families. This page will be updated weekly with fresh new ideas.

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Use your Critical Illness Plan to fund your Retirement @65

Did you know..... that you can fund your retirement at 65? A Critical Illness policy with Return of Premiums can fund your retirement if you decide to cancel the policy at age 65, below you will see an illustrated example of a 40 year old male non smoker. It is a great way to add extra money to your golden years. 

The benefits of having this plan is that if you ever get diagnosed with a life threatening illness you will receive your desired benefit tax free, and if you never use it by age 65 you will get all your premiums back. You cant go wrong with that can you?

Male 40 years old, non smoker for $100,000 tax free benefit would cost you a monthly premium of $158.13, at age 65 if you decide to cancel the policy if no claims were made you would get back $47,439 all premiums back.

In reality, you are covered for $100,000 tax free benefits just in case you get diagnosed with one of 27 life threatening illness, or if you never put in a claim at age 65 fund your retirement.

That a Fact. Let talk..

Learn about Critical Illness Plan

Pay off your Mortgage sooner.......

Did you know.... that by purchasing a Universal Life Plan you can pay off your mortgage soon than later?  Here's how.. by trading in your current "Term"  or Mortgage Insurance bank or lender placed plans and replacing it with a Universal Life Plan you can eliminate years off your mortgage? You can save years and interest over the term of your mortgage, putting more money back to where it belongs in your pocket or into your retirement. See the example I inserted below and if it makes sense to you, give me a call and let me show you how.

Example : A $500,000 mortgage for a 40 year old male, non-smoker, with $50,000 death benefit for life and a 20 year Term for $450,000 His monthly premium of $ 95.55 with an additional funding of an extra $50.00 per month.(based on investment assumptions) 

In 10 years you can withdraw approx $7,500 and drop it on your mortgage on your renewal.

*(Some tax implication may occur, consult your tax accountant) Chart below is for illustration purposes only and might vary from year to year.

Save up-to 40% on your mortgage insurance premiums...Term 10 or 20 better than banks Term 5 

Did you know..... That purchasing mortgage insurance through your bank or lender is not mandatory? With bank mortgage insurance the bank has everything to gain and not you or your family? By purchasing your own Mortgage Life Insurance with an Insurance company benefits you and not the bank and its usually 40% cheaper in your monthly payments.

Banks coverage is always every 5 years and might increase on renewal, with your own coverage you can have the premiums payments level for either 10 or 20 years.

You can save money now by just talking to me.

Get more clarification here - I want to save up to 40% today  

$1,000 per month benefit while your Unemployed....

Did you know.... that even though you are unemployed you can still get an injury "Only" disability plan? Yes, you read this correctly. Even though you are in between jobs or careers you can still insure your income due to an accident. You can qualify in minutes up to $1,000 in monthly benefits if you get injured. Once you get working you can top up based on your current income.

Get insured now, by us having a discussion on how to insure your income.

I cant Live without an income

 Loans to top up your RRSP contributions.....

Did you know....... that I can help you top up your 2021 RRSP contributions with an easy top up loan? Whether you are starting up your RRSP retirement plans, or you just want to top up, we can help you? Or perhaps you just want to start off with a monthly PAC of $50.00 monthly, either way we can help.

Write your own ticket...... with a licence to print money. 

Did you know..... that if you are not happy with your current income we can help you? Or you just want to increase your income stream on a Part Time basis. We at VFG Financial Group we are having a FREE Career opportunity  Seminar. This Seminar is at NO cost to you and all I ask you is to invest 2 hours of your time. I know you will not be disappointed with our presentation. Whether you are looking for Part Time or Full Time we will get you started. 

Start living the dream of Financial Freedom, Time Flexibility and respect from your friends and family.

Our next Career Opportunity is Saturday October 16, 2021 at 10:30 am till Noon or check out our next career opportunity dates here

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