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Here you will find other insurance products like:


Life Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Health & Dental

Disability (Income Protection)

Investments RRSPs, RESPs,GICs

Long Term Care Insurance

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

The money you save can pay your mortgage off sooner.


Mortgage Insurance with your bank is not mandatory, you can apply at anytime with us, without any penalties or fees. You don't have to wait for renewal time of your mortgage to start saving up to 50% on your mortgage insurance monthly payments.

We are now hiring licensed HLLQP or non licensed at VFG Financial Group

Have you found "the opportunity" that will take care of you and your family for the rest of their lives?

If I could show you  how to triple your yearly income, or a life changing opportunity, would you want to hear more about it?

Click here -  Must register to guarantee a reserved seating.

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